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    Based on the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, BYHX developed a control system for indoor/outdoor advertising industry.It caused a sensation in the industry once launched. Flexible configuration and printing methods, highly adapted to the advertising industry, easily meet customers requirements from proofing to production.
  • Labels & Barcode
    BYHX successfully developed a onepass control system for label printing industry. Supports electronic supervision codes, bar codes and commodity labels variable data printing.
  • Ceramic Print
    BYHX successfully developed a onepass control system for ceramic printing industry, compared to the traditional process of ceramic printing, digital printing improves print quality and production flexibility, saves a lot of labor and time, also reduces pollution emissions.
  • PCB Print
    BYHX successfully developed a control system for PCB printing industry.Compared with the traditional PCB plate making technology, digital printing shorten the production cycle, greatly increased output, and reduced the VOC pollution.

Company Profile

BYHX focused on industrial inkjet control technology design, research and development, promotion and application for more than ten years. 
The company keeps ahead of inkjet digital printing field all the years. 
As the domestic technology leader in industrial inkjet control system solutions provider, BYHX adheres to the core concept of serving customers attentively, with the reputation of the product quality and attitude of service excellence to our customers, BYHX continues to drive high speed business types with an innovative spirit, sets up technical bench marking for the industry, contributes to social development.