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[System Synopsis]
A+ is a scanning print control system for small-scale production. Using USB 2.0 as data communication from main board to head board, A+ system is flexible and suitable to meet most fundamental mini-size configuration requirements.

[Print Head Synopsis]
The KM1024i series are the high speed, high productivity print heads in the Konica Minolta range. “I” is for “independent” firing – these heads are no longer limited by the low speeds of the older “shared wall” technology.

Like the earlier heads they are simple to use, tough and reliable with good fluid compatibility.

They are available in 6, 14 and 30pl drop sizes.. Versions are available for solvent oil, UV and water-based inks. These heads may be operated in a wide range of different orientations. They are suitable for use with recirculating ink systems.

[System Wiring]

Indoor and outdoor advertising.